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 …innermost fears…

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PostSubject: …innermost fears…   Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:25 pm

Im waiting for my soul to be awake to live life on my terms,
to fight for my right to live with freedom.
to bless the ones who went against me to hurt me.
to love the ones unconitionally who have forgotten me
and most of all to find happiness in my own presence.

Im waiting for my soul to be awake to sing the song of Life,
to dance to the tunes I play,
to spread my wings and fly away,
to look at myself and feel amazed at God’s creation
and most of all to feel that my absence in people around me is mattered.

Im waiting for my soul to be awake to believe that all the dreams shown would come true,
to believe that Life too has some honest, true and beautiful moments
to beleive that to be born as a girl doesnt mean life is full of compromises
to beleive that i have the strength to over come the power of this ignorance
and most of all to belive that Im honest and true to myself.

To believe that I am not pretending to a live a Life this society dreams of me to live,
to believe that this life is choosen to be lived the way i wish too,
to have faith that for all my adjustments, all my sacrifices, life will be fair to me,
to have faith that Life wont show me its cruel face for all the good I do,
To feel the power thats absent within that I can depend on my love ones

This feeling of immense insecurity comes as I keep growning dependend on others,
and with others absent around me, this feeling grows deeper.
These questions will remain unanswered till my death bed,I know..
Coz the one im asking questions about is itself unpredictable…its called : Life.

So Lord, let me feel content and happy that I am breathing right now,
let me not expect so much from your given Life,
Let me fetch small reasons to smile,
& finally let me dry away the tears so that with clear eyes I see you shining down at me.

God Bless us All.
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…innermost fears…
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