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 Time Heals..!!

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PostSubject: Time Heals..!!   Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:50 pm

It was around 6.00pm, got a call.. “Hey kali.. long time, ela unnav..” I had no clue who’s on the other end. After a min he tells me his name.. A very old buddy. Engineering classmate. Fortunately he was jus calling me from same location so i asked him to drop in. After a cup of coffee we go for a long walk and we recollected the first days of college. Those lovely classroom jokes, girls, juniors, friends and many more.. He started with his story of wat happened all these yrs and then move on to other buddies.. Someone is married, Someone is all set for his wedding, Someone expecting a new baby(Razz).. So on.. Life has changed everything about them, the way they used to speak, play everything.. I remember few of these were crazily in love with someone in college.. and spent those long hrs over a drink telling me how they cant do without that person.. But today they are busy married and setting up their whole new life. isn’t it strange or may be its strange for me.. !!

Time really heals and changes people from wat they are today to something totally different.. This is true..!!
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Time Heals..!!
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