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 Rapidshare Time Resetter

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PostSubject: Rapidshare Time Resetter   Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:06 pm

A trick for rapidshare !!! and its working !

I think most of u will be knowing this , and if yes why didnt u guys told this trick all this time !!

well when u click on a rapidshare link , u get a time limit (i know about the happy hours but i think they are over now ) tome limit of about 2.6 minutes , rather then waiting for it , u can type this “javascript:alert(c=0)” without quotes in the address bar and the time limit will get to zero !!! and u can download now , !!!

i know its not a very smart trick , but bilieve me , when u are downloading 25 files 100mb each !!! every 2.6 minutes counts !

thats it !

Note: it will not work for the time limit of 46 or 86 minutes that it shows after downloading one file so u will have to reconnect ur modem !
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Rapidshare Time Resetter
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