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 Six Steps to Slimmer “U”!!!!

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PostSubject: Six Steps to Slimmer “U”!!!!   Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:10 pm

THOUGHT that losing that extra 10 pounds was the most difficult thing ever?

Guess what, it’s only the beginning. Keeping these pounds off is the real challenge.

“Most of us can lose weight if we set our minds to it - but we are not so good at keeping it off,” says Arne Astrup of the University of Copenhagen and coordinator of an eight-country study that has undertaken to identify the most effective diet to help adults stop regaining weight after initial loss.

All eyes are on Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, now that she has lost oodles of weight and toned up into a bronzed beauty for Tashan.

But now what? Will Bebo manage to stay sexy?

Sure she will.

We spoke to her weight management expert Rujuta Diwekar and the woman behind Kareena’s oh-so-hot body.

Rujuta recommends a six-step programme that Bebo uses to fight off that lost weight the right way.

Let’s Get A Skinny Of It, Shall We?

1. No Crash Diets, Please

Rumour had it that Kareena was on an orange juice only diet. Apparently not.

Her dietician Rujuta says that the major problem with people who gain weight after they have lost it is the way they lose the weight in the first place.

Starving yourself or crash dieting can really wreck your system. When you completely avoid fats and carbohydrates, your body doesn’t understand you are dieting. It thinks that you are not getting these foods and hence stores them to create reserves for you. So in actual fact you are doing your body more harm than ever, she elaborates.

2. Get The Motive Straight

“You can’t wake up one morning and decide you want to look like Kareena Kapoor,” Rujuta laughs.

Remember, you want to lose weight because it is healthier not because you want to fit into that sexy pair of jeans or because you have set a wedding date. You need to be willing to let the weight loss process take its course. Don’t rush it.

Get this - Kareena began working on her look for Tashan back in May 2007!

3. Decide Your Own Diet And Fitness Program

Understand your body’s needs and stay in tune with your body. You might need a fitness trainer’s assistance for this.

Your diet should depend on your lifestyle, work hours as well as medical history. Unless your lifestyle changes, this diet plan should not change drastically.

“For Kareena, we came up with a diet taking into account that she is a vegetarian as well as her shooting schedule, the kind of shoots she does i.e. advertisements or movies etc.,” Rujuta reveals.

Choose a form of activity that you like whether it is swimming, dancing or even brisk walking - or a couple of activities. All forms of exercise have there own benefits. So you could alternate your workout every now and then to prevent monotony.

But the biggest mistake is following the latest fitness trend just because everyone seems to be doing it.

4. Lose Weight, Stay Glowing

“Kareena Kapoor was very intelligent about her weight loss plan. She has lost 8 to 9 kilos and is still glowing,” the dietician boasts.

The key to keeping your skin glowing after you lose weight is eating right. Clichéd as it might sound, your body needs a healthy mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Stick to the food you usually eat but watch the quantities, Rujuta warns. Your stomach is the size of two palms. If you eat more than two palmfuls, you are stretching your stomach. Rather, eat a palmful every couple of hours.

5. Timing Is Everything!

“When you eat is critical if you want to stay in shape,” says Rujuta.

You probably know this already but you should not skip breakfast. If you keep yourself hungry till lunchtime, you will just land up eating more than you need.

Also your last meal of the day should be before 7:30 in the evening. Your digestive system slows down after that, as it needs rest too. So if you sit with your pals in front of the television with a big bowl of chips, you are bound to wake up feeling bloated.

6. Make A Lifelong Commitment

Staying healthy is a lifelong commitment you make and not just until you become a particular weight figure.

“You must exercise for at least half an hour daily and holidays are no exceptions,” Rujuta warns. Just because you are going on a family vacation for 15 to 20 days doesn’t mean your diet and fitness program should go for a toss.

Now that you know what you should do, here are a couple of no-nos if you want to stay in shape.

* Don’t jump on the scale everyday. Give yourself time to lose weight.

* Avoid late night dinners altogether.

* Avoid long gaps between meals.

* Indulge once in a while but at the right time. For instance, don’t hog on a pizza post 7 pm.

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Six Steps to Slimmer “U”!!!!
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